Eyelash Extensions

We Provide Eyelash Extensions Training

Eyelash extensions allow people to have the thick and full lashes they always wanted without all the daily hassle of application. They're applied in-house and can last for a considerable time with the proper care. In fact, they're designed to last through the natural cycle of the lashes. So get thicker, fuller, beautiful lashes that look entirely natural and get noticed. To learn more about this process, please visit the "Beauty" tab located on the website. Please reach out to us directly to schedule a consultation and extensions appointment to get started with lash extensions. You don't have to struggle with your lashes any longer when you get a professional eyelash extension from Crystal Spa

Do you want to enter the exciting field of lash extension technician? If so, we offer comprehensive courses and hands-on training to let you begin your career in a rapidly growing industry. We have the tools, insight, and resources to help you effectively learn the proper techniques to provide clients with gorgeous lashes they will love. Get started in a prosperous career that is in high demand. To learn how to enroll, visit the eyelash extension training tab and reach out to us. We will provide support to help you enroll and provide the information necessary to get started. Get your foot in the door into an incredible industry that can provide financial freedom and job satisfaction when you enroll with Crystal Spa