Gel can be used with form to extend  the length of the nail.Once the gel is applied to the natural nail and the form, cured.Formed the negative of the smile line with nail bed extension, cured. Sculpted the free edge and the smile line with coloured gel (white, pink,etc.), glitter gel, cured. Covered the whole nail with clear gel, cured.Be made by Sculpting, Builder Gel.

Gel can be applied directly to the nail bed and then cured under a special UV light to harden the gel.This method is great for strengthening your natural nail, while allowing your nails growing.We recommend this procedure under the gel polish.
Be made by  Sculpture Gel, Builder Gel.  


Both need to be filled every 3 or 4 weeks.


Sculpting  Gel Nails  1,5-2 hours

  Square            $120

  Oval                $120

  Almond          $120

  Pipe                $120

  Stiletto           $120  

 Refill                      $80 and up

Strengthen your natural nails / Gel Overlay            

 clear/pink gel        $80          


Shellac/Gel Polish $40

 hands and feet      $70

Extreme Shapes 2 hours 

  • Russian Almond        $200

  • Gothic Almond          $200

  • Pipe                             $200

  • Almond                       $180

  • Stiletto                        $180

  • Square                        $190

  • Marilyn                       $190

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