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Crystal Spa Eyelash Extensions Perth, Wembley

Crystal Spa
Your Destination for Eyelash Extensions, Skin Treatments,
and Lash Training in Wembley, Perth

Welcome to Crystal Spa, the premier destination in Wembley, Perth for exquisite eyelash extensions, rejuvenating skin treatments, and professional lash training. Our team of talented and award-winning stylists are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and providing a luxurious salon experience.

At Crystal Spa, we prioritize client satisfaction and adhere to the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and professionalism. Immerse yourself in our serene and inviting spa atmosphere while receiving expert care and attention from our dedicated team.

Visit Crystal Spa in Wembley, Perth and indulge in the artistry of eyelash extensions, rejuvenating skin treatments, and the opportunity to kickstart your lash career at our renowned training academy. Book your appointment today and let us enhance your beauty and well-being with our exceptional services.

Enhance Your Beauty: Exceptional Eyelash, Brow and Skin Services

Elevate your allure at our distinguished salon, where beauty meets precision and care. Specializing in premium eyelash extension services, we offer a variety of styles to perfectly complement your unique eye shape and beauty preferences. From classic natural looks to voluminous glamour sets, our skilled technicians use the highest quality materials and meticulous application techniques to ensure stunning, long-lasting results. Enhance your facial features with our expert eyebrow shaping and tinting services, tailored to frame your eyes beautifully.


Experience our advanced HydraPeel facials, skin needling, and mesotherapy treatments, designed to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, promoting a radiant, youthful complexion. Embrace a transformative beauty experience in a luxurious setting, where each service is artfully provided to enhance your natural elegance, ensuring you leave feeling confident and radiant.

Achieve stunning and luscious lashes with our professional eyelash extension service. Our skilled and award winner technician specialize in applying individual lashes to enhance the length, thickness, and curl of your natural lashes. 

With eyelash extensions, you can wake up each morning with effortlessly beautiful lashes, eliminating the need for mascara or lash curlers. The extensions are water-resistant and durable, allowing you to maintain your stunning lashes even during activities such as swimming or exercising.

Experience the confidence-boosting effects of eyelash extensions and enhance your natural beauty with breathtaking lashes. Book your appointment today and let our skilled technicians create a customized lash look that perfectly complements your unique style.

Eyelash Extension
Skin Rejuvenation Perth at Crystal Spa

Transform Your Skin with HydraPeel Facial, Skin Needling, and Mesotherapy Treatments

Discover the power of advanced skin treatments such as Age Element Anti-Ageing treatment, HydraPeel Facial, Skin Needling, and Mesotherapy. Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin with targeted procedures that address various concerns including hydration, texture, and overall skin health.

Elevate Your Lash Game at Our Award-Winning Eyelash Academy

Explore the world of eyelash extensions and master the artistry with our renowned eyelash academy. Led by an award-winning trainer, our comprehensive courses offer expert training on lash extension techniques, styling, and business strategies, ensuring you become a certified lash artist equipped with the skills to excel in the industry.

Eyelash Extensions Training Perth
Skin care treatment on model in Perth

Why Choose Crystal Spa?

Award-Winning Expertise Meets Unmatched Beauty Enhancements

Discover the pinnacle of aesthetic refinement at our salon, where award-winning lash stylists converge with cutting-edge beauty treatments to redefine excellence. Choosing us means entrusting your beauty aspirations to acclaimed professionals renowned for their artistic precision and innovative techniques in eyelash extensions, eyebrow styling, and advanced skin care. Our salon stands out as a beacon of excellence, having garnered prestigious accolades for our unparalleled service and exceptional results. We are committed to employing only the finest products and the latest advancements in beauty science to ensure your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Our team's dedication to continuous improvement and passion for aesthetic perfection ensures that every service is tailored to highlight your unique beauty, promising a transformation that transcends expectations. Opt for our award-winning salon and embrace a bespoke beauty journey that sets new standards of excellence.

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Book Your Transformation Today: Secure Your Appointment with Ease

Embark on your journey to exquisite beauty and unparalleled care at our salon, where your satisfaction is our highest priority. Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in our superior eyelash extension, eyebrow artistry, and advanced skin rejuvenation treatments. Secure your spot now to experience our bespoke services tailored to enhance your natural beauty and elevate your confidence. Our user-friendly online booking system ensures a seamless reservation process, allowing you to choose the perfect time for your transformative experience. Act now to reserve your appointment and step into a world where beauty innovation meets personalized care, guaranteeing an outcome that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Book now and let us unveil the best version of you at Crystal Spa!

Crystal Spa Eyalash Extensions & Skin Specialist in Wembley, Perth, Wa

Welcome to Crystal Spa, the award-winning destination in Wembley, Perth, where you can indulge in exquisite eyelash extensions, rejuvenating skin treatments, and comprehensive lash training. Our talented and experienced team of stylists specializes in enhancing natural beauty with their exceptional skills and techniques. Discover the artistry of our award-winning eyelash extensions, crafted with high-quality materials and precise application, allowing you to choose from a wide range of styles and lengths for a subtle enhancement or a glamorous transformation. Experience the ultimate in skincare with our rejuvenating skin treatments, including the renowned Hydra Peel Facial, skin needling, and mesotherapy, all tailored to address your specific concerns and leave your complexion radiant and refreshed. And for those aspiring to become lash experts, our esteemed lash training academy, led by an award-winning trainer, offers comprehensive courses in lash extension techniques, styling principles, and business strategies, providing you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the lash industry. Crystal Spa is committed to ensuring client satisfaction and upholding the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and professionalism. Immerse yourself in our serene spa atmosphere and let our dedicated team pamper you with exceptional care. Visit Crystal Spa in Wembley, Perth today to experience the magic of our award-winning eyelash extensions, rejuvenating skin treatments, and the opportunity to embark on a successful lash career through our renowned lash training academy. Book your appointment now to elevate your beauty and well-being with our exceptional services.

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